Sunday, June 28, 2015


Every now and again I'll go through my archives and rediscover a few projects worth reposting.
 Especially for new friends who may have missed the post it's first time around.  

Let's get crackin'
Party Favor!

We'll be using toilet or paper towel rolls.
Cut the paper towel rolls in half, matching the length of the toilet rolls.
You'll need three or four strips of (2 1/2-3 inch wide) patriotic themed (wired) ribbon or scrap booking paper.
Starting at the bottom, glue ribbon around roll leaving a smidge of over lap to conceal the raw edge.

Tuck raw edge in.

Wrap and hot glue second strip, continuing to tuck in raw edges.

        Glue last strip leaving a large overlap.

Tie a bundle of patriotic tinsel trimmings together.
For a spiral effect... I wrapped a few strands of wire tinsel around a pencil.

Slip tinsel bundle into the firecracker opening, tie securely with (patriotic themed)                    ribbon or bakers twine.

Turn the bottom over and fill with goodies,
candies, confetti, poppers, etc.

To close the bottom opening glue a strip of                    fabric then trim off the excess.
        The weight of the contents will allow                the firecrackers to stand on there own.

Patriotic Fan Embellishment
1. Cut the pleats from a cupcake liner.
2. Sew a gathering stitch along the top of the pleat.
3. Draw thread in until a round fan is formed, tie knot and glue closed.
Star fans coordinate with the vintage postcard.  


I sprayed painted wood stars and used them as bases for my firecrackers.

Here are a few images that can be used as scrap booking paper and vintage postcards for this project.

Vintage postcards

I hope you have a star spangle 4th of July!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

It's not just an egg roll wrap...
it's a petite dessert cup!
You can't beat the cuteness of a lil' cup  filled with deliciousness. 


Simply take an egg roll wrapper and cut any shape with a cookie cutter.

Or you can easily cut out a shape free hand using kitchen scissors or a paring knife.
To form the little cups I cut rounds by using my biscuit cutter and placed 
them in a lightly greased muffin tin.
Baked until they were a light golden brown.

My filling of choice was~honey, fresh lime with zest, yogurt, cottage cheese, mixed with whipped cream, blended until it formed soft peaks.
Topped off with various seasonal fresh fruits.

For an embellishment... I made small flower shapes, baked flat on a cookie sheet and added a light dusting of powder sugar while they were still warm.

Wonton/egg roll wrappers are lower in calories than traditional pastry, 
making it a nice alternative.
The cups are also great for a savory appetizer.
One of my favorites is seasoned shrimp, veggies with a lemon vinaigrette
The sky's the limit.