Saturday, March 28, 2009

Welcome To Foodie Friday

Spring brings the promise of something beautiful waiting to bloom..

Soon these tiny bubs on our Plum tree will blossom into.....

these pink and....

luscious flowers.

I wait with bated breath.


This was my sweet inspiration for our SPRING BRUNCH.

I built a potato nest.

Filled it with, smoked ham, an egg and
a white sharp cheddar hollandaise sauce.
It's hard to snap photos with a ravenous husband trying to eat the foodscape while it's hot!
Folded dinner napkins turned into bunnies, forming napkin rings. I like mine with (candy) faces, which is optional.
*I will be posting instruction for the bunnies.*

A spring /summer delight....*THE PARFAIT*
This is no ordinary yogurt parfait.
Using (only)the following ingredients to achieve maximum deliciousness..
(Dannon) La Creme' vanilla yogurt, Trader Joes vanilla almond granola, fresh fruit.
Layer each ingredient generously and enjoy.
This has become a popular request from my guests during their stay.

When their petals drop....I play amongst the pink snow flakes.

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Thursday, March 5, 2009


Stroll over to Designs By Gollum's blog to visit the other Foodie participants.

The same (pronunciation) goes for an Italian food which consists of grilled bread with vegetables, herbs, cheese, meats,etc.
Bruschetta, (pronounced bɾu'sketta - In Italian, the letters "ch" represent the sound "k") Whichever you prefer Brushetta or Brusketta in the end it is a savory or sweet dish that has endless possibilities!



Traditional Brusketta

I spread a mayonnaise garlic, (eggless) Aioli on the Ciabatta bread. It's not necessary but adds a creamy flavored base.
Add the toppings: (fresh) tomatoes tossed in olive oil, basil, garlic, Italian cheese.
Broil until crispy.

Along with the traditional version, I made a Brusketta with caramelized (sweet) onions,
Boursin and smoked Gouda cheeses.
I generally add Prosciutto or Pancetta to the Brusketta, making it a heartier meal. Instead we had.....

Roasted Red Pepper & Tomatoe Soup with Italian cheese (stuffed) link sausage.
Each dish tasted as good as it sounds

Let me know if there's any questions?