Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ghost and Goblins.......

Halloween is fast approaching.... So,
I thought it was a good time to reopen my recipe vault to get an idea
for conjuring up some treats.

Witches Hat
with a sweet surprise.

I gathered an assortment of goodies to fill my Witches Hat.
Candy: corn, skulls, bones,
along with....caramel popcorn, M&M's and Reece's Pieces.

I filled the sugar (ice cream) cone with sweets, then
brushed the edge/rim of the cone with (melted) chocolate.
The chocolate becomes the glue that binds your cookie to your cone.

You can use any (round) cookie for the base.
I used a (pre-made) dark chocolate and peanut butter cookies.

To prevent candies from spilling out
and the chocolate from dripping, I
placed the cookie on top of the (chocolate) brushed cone.
Gently turning it over...

to paint a single coat of chocolate over the entire hat then set aside to dry.

When it was dry, I adorned my Hat with candies and a sour gummy ribbon .
To complete my little project, a Witches Broom was fashioned
from licorice laces and a pretzel rod.

I'm also using this recipe for our Halloween dessert.
I'll fill my hats with.....mousse, ice cream, and toppings
(in place of the candy).
I may add fondant roses and bow or.....
the cute royal icing pumpkins and ghosties from Wiltons.

Black Cats.....

for instructions to carve the Black Cat O'Lanterns
visit... Sunset

Thank you for your generous support and sweet comments.
I'm making my way through each and everyone's blogs.
The closing date will be November 8th.
I will draw the winner when I return from the Seattle Cash and Carry trade show, shortly thereafter.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Falling into Fall........

October has brought a definite chill to the air, putting me in a decorating mood. As you've come to know from visiting my blog, I love exploring new ideas for taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary. Which I accomplish through the inspiration provided by visiting your lovely blogs.

Nothing says "FALL" like these...


The versatility of pumpkins in any fall decor is endless.
I've only got one problem...

sometimes the pumpkins can start to look a little sad before the seasons end.
(Natalie Maynor's photo)

Violet Skiles

has the perfect solution!

Pumpkin Toppers

Flowers, leaves, pearls, frame
charm.....what more could you ask for?
Reusable, perhaps?

Yes they are!

Violet has a beautifully illustrated tutorial at
her blog for creating your own Pumpkin Topper. Please stroll on over for a visit. She's just as charming as her art!


The Reveal.....

Sara's Sweet Surprise Giveaway
Apothecary Spigot Jar
(2 gallon)

With the holiday season fast's a reminder that entertaining is not far behind.
Here's a decorative way to enhance your favorite beverage.

Here are the simple rules.
1 entry- for each comment left throughout the event.
10 (extra) entry's- post to your sidebar... the giveaway, picture, with a link, to Sara's Sweet Surprise (just let me know).
Please invite your friends.
Good luck!!


Lori Mitchell's

Halloween Designs
will be listed in Sara's Suprise Sucre Boutique this week!!