Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Eggspecially" For You

Chocolate Easter eggs are essential in my Easter Baskets.......

but, I find them on their own a tad lack luster.

I reached for my Wilton stash of Daises, , Spring Nonpareils and
pastel Candy Pearls, which are
very similar to dragees.

It just takes a dab of white chocolate applied with a toothpick to stick the Pearl to the Daisie

I wanted a to create a cozy nest for my eggs.
It was a challenge since I wanted it to be edible...of course.
There's nothing softer and sweeter than Cotton Candy.

For Easter gifts I nestled them in dot and striped egg cups.

This dotted egg was covered in the candy Pearls using milk chocolate in place of the white to adhere the candy Pearls.

To form the nonpareils cluster centers, I placed a few Daisie in a little dish and added the white chocolate just as I did for the Pearls. Then I sprinkled the nonpareils over the Daises until they were completely covered. After a few minutes they're dry and ready to apply to your eggs.

Cluster Nonpareil Daisie Egg

Pastel Nonpareils Egg

I brushed a generous coat of white chocolate and nonpareils in sections.
Despite the best efforts there were a few gaps that I touched up with a toothpick and another dab of white chocolate with a dusting of sprinkles.

A ll wrapped up in a pink bow snuggled in a cloud of fluff.

On my last trip to Seattle my Daughter in-love took me to an amazing bakery supply shop.
It was literally jammed packed with every baking accessory imaginable in every nook and cranny, somewhat reminiscent of hunting through Grandmas attic.
In my search I discovered an edible glitter.
Yup, what more could I ask for than some added bling to my culinary confections.

Drizzle Dazzle.

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I hope your Easter is" Eggstra" special and
your basket is filled with a bounty of chocolate eggs.