Monday, February 1, 2016

Menu Monday

Our Christmas holiday extended well after the new year. While others were packing away all their Christmas decor, we were still entertaining family and friends.  We were feeling the pressure to immediately get every ornament and twinkly light packed away.  That was until...we headed out to run a few errands.  We always take the backroads as to avoid the traffic and freeways.   We wind up traveling through several neighborhoods.  To my delight, not only did I see several homes with remnants of Christmas lights on and decorations hung, I also saw a few homes with lite trees (in their living rooms) all adorned.  It made me realize the holiday cheer still resonated within their homes.  They wanted to hold on to that joy just a little longer.  So why was I in such a hurry to chase away that ambiance from my  own home.  We took our time and before we knew it, our Christmas decorations were all tucked away.
When entertaining it takes a few short cuts to aid in bringing a large selection of meals to the table.  You know how I'm a firm believer in creating easy recipes with a presentation that looks like you had been creating each plate along side Martha Stewart.

This is a bit of a tweak from the recipe I had been using.  It's been a constant crowd pleaser.  Which makes it to my go-to list.
Yes, I've got a recipe list for those easy five star recipes requested the most.
And believe me at the holidays those recipe cards are left with skid marks by their many uses!

What switches this up is the combination of fresh fruits and one unexpected ingredient, 
small curd cottage cheese.  I know what you're thinking but it's surprisingly delightful!

Combine equal parts of the following: 
In a tall glass layer fresh fruits with the yogurt mixture along with layers of granola.
Topping off with the fresh fruits.

I include side bowls of nuts and whipped cream. 
I've tried various flavors of yogurts but I've found they overpowered the fresh fruits, where the vanilla marries well with all.


Most if not all my main entrees can be served for either lunch or dinner. 
I really do try to include a few fresh elements in each recipe and when time permits everything is fresh from scratch.

 Combine and marinate the following:
Jumbo cooked shrimp (tales off), olive oil, taco season, minced garlic, minced onion  and or

Refrigerate at least 25 mins.
Meanwhile prepare a box of...

Stir in one can of drained black beans into the cooked rice.

Pour the shrimp contents into  a skillet. Cooking on a medium heat, making sure all the ingredients are simmered. 

Lay a bed of
rice and beans, shrimp, salsa, sour cream.

Monday, January 25, 2016

A new look for the New Year

I for one can always benefit from adding a new technique to my makeup routine. In my youth I developed a passion for makeup and fashion, which came naturally living in Southern California. Where my ventures were frequent in Hollywood. Which you can read about on my previous post "Thanks For The Memories." Once you've been dusted by the fairies of fashion and makeup...forever it will be in your soul! With the onset of 2016...I will be posting my passions for fashion and makeup styles that have caught my attention. Along with hints and tricks from my favorite products. I'll be back with Menu Monday and a Valentine DIY. Hope to see you there!

Gorgeous! beautykale eye tutorial using 3D in style "Miami". #GhalichiGlam

Posted by Lilly Ghalichi on Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Christmas ensemble!

All Christmas  festivities are in full swing.  Including the the attendance of the annual Christmas parties. 
It was time to roll out the ideal attire for the evening.
I've narrowed my selection to a few possibilities.

 Simple chic,  
A sweetheart neckline,
with the perfect embellishment...
  an unfurled red sash.

You can't beat these festive colors they
 scream P-A-R-T-A-Y! 

skater skirt equals a sassy little number. 
Which will be convenient if the party is held at an ice skating rink

But, you can't beat the off the shoulder gown with a form fitting silhouette.
 It's the  classic  go-to for any special occasion.

 It's a tough decision but at least I've got my hat and

 heels picked out.


(All Googled images)

Whichever the choice....
 it's sure to be a show stopper!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Menu Monday

We've  finally recuperated from the tryphophan playoffs from the indulgences of  Thanksgiving.
 And now with Christmas around the corner,  no doubt there will be more confections to tempt us.
So, I thought it was time to throw in a couple lighter recipes into the mix.

This is a flourless low carb crepe with two ingredients.

2 eggs and 4oz. of cream cheese.

The batter is very thin and should be spooned onto your griddle by a measured teaspoon.
I poured approximately 3-4 teaspoons to form a petite crepe.
This size made a nice stack with the fresh berries.

They may be small....
but, they're packed with flavor enough to satisfy your french crepe cravings.
Fresh berries with a light dusting of powder sugar, makes for a divine Christmas favorite for a brunch or dessert.


These can be served as a entree or as an appetizer. 
With the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, to save on time I purchased a pre-cooked grilled chicken breast.

Combined the following fresh ingredients into a large salad bowl with the diced chicken chunks.
One bag of  (Dole) coleslaw,
 diced tomatoes, chopped green onions  and cilantro.

Toss together with a bottled Asian dressing,
or make your own.
There's a large selection of easy Asian dressing recipes on line.
The basic ingredients are,
sesame oil, vegetable oil, rice wine vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper.

The trick to frying the egg roll wrappers into taco shells is, 
first start by frying the wrap flat.
When it starts to crisp up you can bend it to form and keep the taco shell shape.  
Fry one side at a time. 
If you're making these as an appetizer use the (smaller) wonton wrappers.
Fill and serve!

Here's just a little peek at the supplies from  my next projects in the works.

(Googled Images)

Stay tuned  this week!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Menu Monday


I prepare the Chia pudding the night before.
This recipe is very flexible and calls for simple ingredients.
Combine/stir in 1 cup of milk or any liquid of choice,  with 3 Tbls. of chia seeds.
 after 20 mins or so whisk thoroughly  preventing the seeds from clumping.
Refrigerate over night or until set to a pudding consistency.  
If it's too thick just add a little liquid to reach the  desired thickness.
Combine Chia pudding with a few Tbls. of  yogurt to taste.
My new favorite is the....

Vanilla Cupcake!
Who said you can't have dessert for breakfast!?
Top  chia pudding with a variety of fruits and nuts.
This is a nice meal or snack any time of day.


  I find it much easier roasting the butternut squash whole rather than peeling and dicing.  And the outcome is the same with either process. 
I check the squash for tenderness by inserting a knife through the thickest section.
When it's tender I slice the squash in half  lengthwise,
first scooping out and discarding  all the seeds.
Then the remaining squash is scooped out and placed in a stock pot with,
 1 box of organic chicken broth, plus 1-2 Tbls of...
BTB chicken base.
For added richness, add a splash of....

and 4 Teaspoons of....

I puree the soup until it reaches a  creamy consistency.
When I serve it up I place a dollop of any of the following...mascarpone, cream cheese or sour cream.
 Scatter a few nuts,
 pine nuts, pecans or pumpkin seeds, are great options.
For an extra touch in presentation, garnish the soup with a cheese crisps.
Pan fry 3-4 Tbls. of cheese until crisp and brown.
To achieve a lacy pattern leave small spaces between the cheese strands while keeping it connected.
Gently lay the cheese crisps across the dollop of 

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