Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Thinking outside the gift box......

or bag.

I'm always searching for inspiration to add a new flair to my cookie or candy gift packaging.
I'd like to share a few ideas with you that I've used. Maybe they'll  come in handy for a-l-l those confections you've
(so tirelessly) baked for your family and friends.


Little Drummer Boy Drum
♫ Pa Rum Pum Pum Pum ♫
These sugared cookies with the pretzel/marshmallow drum sticks are so cute in their tin drum case.
These tins are readily available at most stores.
The silver cording crisscross and ribbon creates the drum effect perfectly.
You can purchase Pecan Sandie's.....roll coat the edges with white chocolate and sanding sugar.

Chocolate Truffles

Here's a sweet vintage inspired tin with
a little silk seam binding.
An antique brooch would be a nice finishing touch.


This Frosty character tin would be a festive way to house your Snowball Cookies.

Snowball Cookie Recipe
1 cup butter (2 sticks) softened
2 1/2 cups- flour
1 teaspoon almond extract
1 pinch of salt
Form balls, bake 325 10-12 mins.
Dust in powder sugar


White Chocolate Peppermint Pretzel Canes
For a charming rustic vase... repurpose a Pringles potato chip container by wrapping it in upholstery webbing or a strip of tartan plaid wool fabric.
Attach a rusty charm with a jute (twine) and raffia bow.
Embellish with a small swag of evergreens and dried berries.
It's simple and festive.

Shortbread Medallions

Colorful paper shreds nested in  white pedestal bowls adds color and padded protection for those fragile baked goods
Completing the look with a combination of red and white bakers twine and ribbon.
Tags and or recipes add a nice personal

Meringue Christmas Tree Swirls

Glassware really creates a touch of elegance in any gift presentation.
Vases, urns, apothecary jars, can also be used to
serve your sweet treats.


in copious amounts.
During the Christmas holiday season we receive surprise visitors.
I like to have a selection of "Sweet Surprises" waiting for them.
I'll prepare various styles of cornucopias and fill them with a variety of candies and
set them out in baskets and trays for my guest to take home.

When I found this Waffle cone photo I wanted to add this design to my collection, but I couldn't find any instructions.
It seemed simple enough; so I gave it a try.
When I'm making copious amounts I'm always looking for shortcuts.
Pulling out the waffle maker
along with all the ingredients was the one big step I cut out.
I purchased my waffle cones from the local
grocery store.

Double dip the waffle cone rim in melted white chocolate with another quick double dip in sanding sugar crystals.
I filled the Cornucopias with traditional hard Christmas ribbon candies and wrapped them cello bags.

Foiled Doily Cornucopias

These are the directions for my traditional foiled cornucopias.
I also set these at each place setting on our Christmas dinner table.

Roll a 10 inch foiled (paper) Doily into a cone, hot glue into place.
To form the handle dab another spot of hot glue on the tip end of either...wired tinsel garland or pipe cleaner and affix to each side of the cone.
I tie a few jingle bells on with metallic thread.
Fill with cookies, candies, toys, etc.


This Country Living cookie envelope along with the single strip wrap concept (in the next photo) is one of my super easy favorites, especially adorned with the crystal snowflake ornament.
It can be applied to so many types of paper...
Glassine, scrapbook, tissue, etc.

Just by cutting a strip of decorative paper and wrapping the sleeve around the cookies.
Tie and tag,

I hope one of these techniques will help in the last minute preparations, that always have a tendency to sneak up.

Monday, December 6, 2010

I'M B-A-C-K!!!

For some in denial reason I thought my youngest sons departure to college would be a breeze. I had planned to utilize the so called great wisdom I'd  acquired after barely surviving his brothers send off to college years prior. Like a Hoover I was sucked into this fantasy just like the self induced amnesia I've embraced after the last (college) departure. Unfortunately the bucket of ice cold reality splashed upon my face in a... cold, wet, wave (forming unquenchable tears).
As you could tell since I've been MIA... it wasn't the "breeze" I'd thought it would be. Those suspicious noises you may have heard in the far off distance that were chalked up to wild animal noises were... just the echos of little old me wailing.
Time and several visits from my college student have helped the healing process.
I'm happy to report my creative mojo has slowly made it's way back.
During my absence I've continued to check in with you from time to time.
The holiday spirit has really sparked your creative juices.
I've discovered such grand Christmas ideas!

Craftberry Bush
posted these lovely paper roses, featured as a gift topper.

Craftberry  Bush
shares a lovely variety of styles to wrap  up the holidays

"A gift within a gift"

Taking my found inspiration..... I created ice skates that can be used as an ornament or gift topper.
  Only a few stitches are needed to secure the pieces on these skates, making it easier to snip and use the socks whenever  so desired.

Start with a pair of socks any pattern or size.

Stuff with Polyfill . Be careful not to over stuff, causing the sock to stretch out of shape.
 Insert a sturdy gauged wire through the center of the Polyfilled sock from top to toe.

For a ruffled edge,  run a gathering stitch just below the top of the sock.
Pull the gathers and tie with a secure bow. 

 Bend sock to form the skate then, stitch a crisscross pattern to form shoe laces.

Cut wire the length of your skate, leaving extra for
bending/ curling
I curled the blade, but you can leave a slight bend at the tips following the pattern of a traditional ice skate.
Trim ice skates with your favorite embellishments.