Thursday, September 10, 2009


a brown box, for you.

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(Shhh, Tiney)

The title certainly applies to this rose fondant cake extraordinaire. The creator of this masterpiece is Miss Rose Levy Beranbaum at Real Baking With Rose. I'd like to try and recreate a mini version of this cake. Hopefully my mini version won't fall into the next Foodie Friday train wrecks and bloopers category.

Butter Rose

This takes bread and butter on the dinner table to a whole new level!
Time to pull out the frosting tips. and give it a try....

Boutons de Rose for infusion.

I love using roses embellishments.
Their decorating and gift possibilities are endless.

This was the first rose of the season.
Paul found her in the rose garden after a rainfall.
We have over 150 rose bushes!!
A nice variety for making sugar roses.
I want to share my idea with you.
(please click the pictures to see the details)

Melt white chocolate chips (Nestles), I added just a blush of pink.
Use a liner a brush to apply a fine line of white chocolate around the edges of the rose.
Sprinkling (no dipping) Wilton (clear white) sparkling sugar over the chocolate.
You can apply this technique to loose petals too,
by painting one entire side of the petal with white chocolate and repeat wit the sugar.
**It's important to fill the muffin tins with a little water before placing the roses inside the cups to keep the flowers fresh**

The results are exquisite!
The rose petals sparkle when the light reflects off the sugar.

My sweet daughter in-law surprised Paul and I with homemade Red Velvet cupcakes.
I topped them off with a trio of petite sugared roses.

On the fully bloomed miniature roses , I sugared the entire flower just like I did the loose petals.
I'll warn you...once you get's very addicting!
You'll be checking out the flowers in your garden with a new sugary perspective.

There are many recipes for rose infused drinks, so
When I saw these featured...
Fred Cool Jewels
(Amazon price $6.00)
I knew I had to order this
Icy Gem Tray.

I'm in favor of convenience when it comes to a beautiful presentation.

Story Book Woods was my inspiration for giving roses as a gift to my neighbor.

Rose & Raspberry jam with...

a bottle of rose water to make her own syrup, oil, or jam. I made a few ribbon roses for embellishing.
(The instructions will be posted on a future post)

These are the tags and label templates I made for your rosy creations.

Please feel free to copy them.

The sun is shinning!

Come join me on the patio for a velvet cupcake and sparkling rose water with strawberries.

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