Wednesday, August 27, 2008

There are TWO kinds of SCARY....ONE the OBVIOUS.


There are many similarities, but I feel number two is more menacing. I never know what lurks behind the dental walls. There wasn't the obvious entrance of doors flanked with Gargoyles, as I crossed the threshold. I hesitated expecting a shout out, "cue the sound effects from House On Haunted Hill"! Hmmmm, if I didn't know better... I'd swear Vincent Price himself was the receptionist who checked me in. The assistants' unassuming disguises of pearly white smiles and cartoon printed scrubs, ushered me along as if we were taking a stroll through the park. Have you ever wondered why you're laid back in a reclined position? I say it's to break your fall when you faint! Listening to the moans of the drill I heard it say... NOOOOOO and MOMMMMY! Take a listen next time you pay a visit, and see what it says (groans) to you. Unlike most of Vinnie's guest I made it out alive to post (my warning) about the *DEN of TESTs* of courage. I didn't win a Million Dollars for surviving. I actually GAVE money for my venture, which still leaves me perplexed. Oh well, at least I made it out safe and sound with great teeth and a seemingly friendly reminder of my next (scary) appointment, EEEK....
*You'd never guess I actually had a carrer in the dental field, LOL!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Where Friends Gather.... I have been following my creative passions for 25 years! I've participated in various venues, and over time I've gained confidence in my ability to design and create for friends and customers. However, when it came to this whole new internet world I was intimidated and at a loss. I like to chat not write. I leave my spell check smoldering every time I post, not to mention all the proof reading I pass to my hubby. At times I feel as though I'm a squirrel trying to juggle too many nuts, but then I ran across this* little guy who has inspired me to concentrate more on the quality versus the quantity. Each day when I check my blog, in it's infancy, I enter amazed as each one of your notes of support trickle in. I feel overwhelmed with emotion. You're talented, charming, witty, writers, and I appreciate your encouraging comments ~ E-v-e-r-y one! I look forward to you joining my journey.
Thanks for a dream fulfilled.

* little guy-click to see video

Saturday, August 16, 2008

We interrupt this programing for a special bulletin

Have you ever wished you could spend time in the company of the talented ladies you've chatted with on your favorite blogs, together creating all kinds of fun projects while enjoying a refreshing summer beverage and *Sweet*treat? Well.... this is the place where wishes are granted after all! Here's the event for you . All the info is on their *Sweet Six* site. Just click over for all the details. There's also a scrumptious giveaway from Analise at Sugar*Sugar!