Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How 's your garden growing?

Once I gathered a few garden essentials I got to work on growing a few blooms of my own.

1.Clay flower pots
2. Trader Joes dehydrated pineapple slices
3. World Market Choco Rocks

 Pineapple Roses

This is when the package of dehydrated pineapple slices comes into play.
(These were purchased from Trader Joes)
(Wendy you're going love this)  two step directions.
Cut a slit into the pineapple ring,  roll  slice until it resembles a Rose...easy peasy!
 I cut various lengths of the pineapple to achieve the perfect sized flower for my cupcakes.

I pre-made a batch of (paperless) cup cakes frosted with chocolate mousse.
The mousse acts like a glue to hold the chocolate gravel and pebbles into place.

The cupcake is nestled in a  bowl filled with Gelato and a
topping of crushed chocolate cookies to resemble soil.

 Dessert to you from my garden.

If dehydrated pineapples are scarce in your area, here is a wonderful option using a fresh pineapple.

( source with directions )

Sweet Wishes,