Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Christmas wish for you.

After much thought I've decided to postpone my tutorial.  
Instead I wanted to  send a Christmas message of hope that  everyone  will be surrounded by love and encouragement  as we head into the New Year.  


Sunday, December 9, 2012


These are the Christmas treats I'll be making but, both marshmallow pops will be mounted on candy cane/sticks.   Let me know if you'd like me show you the how to's?

I know to most of my blogettes (that's you) think of me as a foodie enthusiast.  But I've also taught craft classes for several years.  I'm an avid DIYer.

I have a passion for creating  But, unfortunately I have a huge handicap.  I can't sew (on a sewing machine)!  Yup, I was the one and only student who never signed up for sewing in Home Economics. 
After the typing class  mishap, (where I was advised to leave after a week of chicken pecking), I didn't want to have a repeat episode. lack of sewing skills has made me the fastest glue gun in the Pacific Northwest!


Now with Christmas upon us...I thought it was time to heat up our glue guns for craftin'!

Here's my inspiration!!
A fluff  of

Here's what you'll need for our first tut.
One can of insulation foam 

White Caulk.
 We'll be making a Christmas gift/decoration and also a way to package those coffee shop &  drive-thru restaurant  gift cards.