Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Oh No! I need a hostess gift!

I thought you'd like a quick idea for the traditional gifted bottle of champagne or cider. This is a nice change from the festive printed gift bag. A "no sew" project, allowing all the items used to be repurposed.


Take a tea towel (of your choice). Fold it in thirds with the wrong side out.

Bind the end with cording, narrow ribbon, or a rubber band.
Get the cord as close to one end as possible without it slipping off. I wrap the cording a couple of times to secure it. Make a small bow with the loose ends.

Invert the towel. Set your bottle inside the pouch. Stand the covered bottle up and secure it with a bow or band. Embellish it with an ornament, antique broach, french lace doily, etc., preferably in items that would appeal to the hostess. The top of the towel can be left up or rolled down to form a collar.

May you be surrounded by those you love this New Years Eve!
Happy 2009!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

She's making a list and checking it twice.

It's the last weekend before Christmas. The last weekend for scratching off the remaining names from your Christmas list. There's just one problem..




Poor St. Francis only has snow to offer. Don't fret, little critters we've filled the feeders to the brim and added a few apples for an extra sweet treat.

I had gotten so far behind on all Christmas Festivities, the thought of where to begin was overwhelming, so I didn't. Until... my hubby said "did you know there's a snow storm heading our way by Wednesday?" It was late Monday night, when this news flash blind sided me. I replied (casually). "How long is it going to last?" He gave me a long sigh with a soft even longer moan. Then utters, "probably through Christmas possibly New Years!" Me, now in a panic state exclaimed "that means I have Tuesday to get A-L-L my shopping done! ONE DAY-ALL MY SHOPPING -DONE!?@#!$?!
Well, that was the motivation I needed to spring into action. So, with the pedal to the metal I headed to our friendly neighborhood one stop shop. I got the Christmas and groceries covered, plus on the way home I took a drive through Starbucks for an eggnog latte and a gift card too. I surprisingly managed to stay in the holiday spirit, due in part to the many festive ensembles adorning so many shoppers. The Christmas sweater with 3D embellishments and the matching flashing Xmas lightbulb necklace. The holiday cheer that will humble almost any Baa Humbugger. There were a few Scroogies that weren't about to be swayed with glitter and sequins who were obviously heading for a snowman in July meltdown. Something like this....

It's still snowing, but my shopping is done. Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pretty in pink. This year I staged my table with floral (opened) suitcases. It reminded me of the trunk shows I've attended. Lots of pink, glitter, chiffon, and vintage tags. My hubby did manage to squeeze in a spot for his garden cottage stones. I didn't get a picture before he sold out. I was happy for him. He worked in the summers heat creating each garden stone.

My Patisserie
I've got a detailed pic next.

Here's a closer look at my latest inspiration...sweet rolls, calorie free! Created from a tea towel. The consensus was most customers were going to keep them as faux pastry, rather then unfurling their rolls to use the towels. They're very easy to assemble. If you have any interest in making them, let me know.

These are the vendors seated directly behind us. They sold unique glass and wire wind chimes. My neighbor has a tree filled with these chimes. They glisten in the sunshine and perform together when a breeze moves them. It sounds like a choir singing.

It's a family production... daughter makes the wind chimes. Mom makes jewelry. Pop sets it up and breaks it down at the end of the day.
That's me (in the background) peeking over to chat. You wouldn't believe the comedy of errors that go on behind the scene. For example... I set up my inventory on tall baskets to utilize the space, but when we sat down we couldn't see over the display. We were two Jack in the Boxes popping up and down . Oh well, great aerobics.

This is my sweet friend Vivian, lovingly nicknamed (by all her customers) the "bag lady". We met after I purchased my first (of many) bags from her. I encouraged her to participate in the local holiday shows.
Years later she's still gaining popularity. She has a gift for sewing. The quality and workmanship she puts into each design is amazing.

Table runners are her latest addition. At $5.00 each, Yup, you read it right. I purchased several for Christmas Gifts. I'd show them to you, but I'm afraid the friends and family they're intended for would see their Christmas gifts prematurely. No peeking until the 25th.

I've participated in this venue for many years. Ive seen several artisans come and go. This year welcomed a new talent.

Her paintings are filled with vibrant colors. Each design had a touch of fanciful whimsy.

To my surprise, this is the young artist behind all the colorful pictures ...Madison.

Her mom expressed, this is a new venture.
The dedication to her painting passion is revealed through her paintbrush. The money she earned from the show, would go to future art lessons. Money well spent. Wouldn't you agree?

Selling her greeting cards at $1.75 was an affordable draw to the shopping crowd.

Meeting Miss Madison and her mom was a delight. This young talent has started on what I know to be to be a rewarding journey. By the looks of it she's off to a wonderful start.


Or should I say, cup cake
I've got a new line of cup cake
and ice cream cone

They're listed at my Boutique. Click on the link at the top of the page.
You'll find some additional sweet confections there too.