Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hippity Hoppity Hooray Easters On Its Way

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Prepping for Easter comes in all facets, from trimming the outdoors for the egg hunt to...

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 trimming the indoors with a spring tablescape.
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 To no surprise...the funnest is filling the Easter basket with all those sweet treats!

I'm a push over for cute and frilly, packaging!  When I see an Easter treat that shouts out bun fun, it puts a big smile on my face.

Bun-Bum-Fun Cookies

I thought this would fill our basket with cute bun-fun!
~List of supplies~
(Any) white chocolate melts, morsels or almond bark 
1pkg. Nutter Butter peanut butter cookies
1 bag of Lindt Lindor white chocolate truffles 
mini & traditional sized marshmallows
powder sugar

For the bunny bums take the Lindt white chocolate balls and slowly rub across a low heated (non stick) pan.  Melt down the balls to form more of a dome shape. 

Create the tail by taking mini marshmallows and roll it around in the palm of your hand until a tiny round tail is formed.   Dip the tail into the melted chocolate and attach it to the bum.

For the bunny ears, dip scissors into the powder sugar, cut marshmallows lengthwise.
 You should get 3 ears per marshmallow. 
Dip the ear sticky side down into the powder sugar, dust off the excess.
Pinch the tips to form the ear points.

 Dip cookies into melted chocolate.
Place on parchment paper, chill to set.
Brush a bit of the melted white chocolate to use as glue to adhere both the ears and bum.

Shhh, bunny sleeping.

 It's best to let the cookies set in fridge over night.
If the bunny starts to soften immediately return to the fridge or freezer to chill.

Trim, bag and add the frills!

Napkin Covered Easter Eggs

Now time to create a sort of papier-mâché  Easter egg with napkins.
Grab those spring print Easter napkins, 
(Elmer's multi purpose) white glue or
 Mod Podge
and large plastic Easter eggs.

Separate the white ply from the napkins leaving just the side with print. 
Cut or tear small
circles from the napkins.
I used a small candle jar to trace out a pattern.

  Begin gluing, layering, until the egg is completely covered.

The heavier the layers the more opaque the egg will appear.  

Some of the eggs I preferred applying a thinner layer so the egg color could show through.

  *Make sure the rim stays clear of glue in order to join the two pieces together again.  When the  trim is applied it will hide the raw edges when it's closed.

The eggs can be filled and or.... 

sealed and set out as decor. 
Whichever way you choose to display or fill your Napkin Easter  eggs,
it's sure to bring a smile!