Friday, September 28, 2012


I've been away far too long.  But, I think you'll forgive me when I show you why.

I'm elated to introduce you to
my grandson.

I've only been a grandma for 3 months, but I feel like a pro already!

Atty sporting his "Newsboy" traveling cap.


is in the finally stages of progress (YEA).  The nursery has and will continue to serve as a guest bedroom.
 I wanted to somehow combine the two schemes together without clashing.  I've got an older home with very small bedrooms. Which calls for some  creative rearranging. It's always a fine line between minimal and cluttered.
I wanted the feel of a nursery with a neutral palette to match the existing decor.  So, I chose a combination of, houndstooth, gingham, check and velvet. In shades of Glacier and Sand. The children's toile print fit perfectly.

This picture frame will be a main focal point. It's a DIY project I've created that  can be utilized for several special. occasions
 I will give you a  video tour as soon as it's completed.

As we begin falling for fall,
I will be announcing...

  3 months of Holiday Giveaways!!