Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A FALL favor

With all the preparations of Thanksgiving in the midst, T-day favors are usually left to the last minute.  Which then calls for something simple to create.  
I wanted a little something that swayed from the usual suspects.....candies, only because most of us are still recovering from Halloween's  sugar rush. 

When the first fall leaf makes it's appearance  so do these.  My cubboards are stocked with several boxes of my favorite teas..... Celestial Seasons Sweet Pumpkin Harvest, (only available in fall).  For me,  the flavor has the perfect blend of pumpkin with a hint of spices.  Bigelows Constant Comment (love the name) is an orange spice blend (offered year round).  Most teas are tasty on their own but, in our house a splash of vanilla creamer takes it to a whole new level of deliciousness.

The idea for my petite tea-pumpkins came to me while preparing a cup of this intoxicating brew.   The  fragrance provided the inspiration I was searching for.   

 Most of the supplies I had on hand except for the packaging.  My first thought was the obvious...fabric.    But, wanting something organic/disposable is where the fall themed napkins came to mind.  I really hit the jackpot when I found matching place cards which were repurposed into tags.

After cutting a few circles from the napkins and sewing a running stitch, I popped in my tea bags.  Along with paper shreds to form the pumpkin shape.  I knew at this point a cinnamon stick would make a perfect stem.  Which could be added to the tea when brewed. The ribbon, leaves and tag pulled all the cuteness together. 
They truly made me smile.

The tags were quite tiny so, they read...T4U.

 An added bonus is the aroma from the tea bags permeates through the packaging, filling the air with a fall fragrance.

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