Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bun Fun!

Spring is in the air!
Which means Easter will soon be here.

This gave me the perfect opportunity to shop at one of my favorite stores.
Come along for the

I always make a beeline to the chocolate Bunnies first.

Catching my attention right off the bat was the cute collection of foiled bunnies.
Each large cello bag had a variety of bunnies and eggs.

Oooh the "CUBBIES!"
So many Sweet Surprises!

Who could resist these faces?
Not me.

I just had to have them.

Sunny Seeds, chocolate covered sunflower seeds.
Their versatility had me thinking they'd make a great addition to my tablescape.
I could also refill them with all kinds of goodies when the seeds were gobbled up.

I have to mention how much I loved the retro theme that was carried throughout the whole Easter collection.

I've always wanted to make these but....I was discouraged by the amount of work it would entail after watching Miss Martha attempt them.
Now, the work has been done for me.
There's no way my end result would have produced these beautiful colors.

These Solid chocolate Bunns were a must have for my Easter basket project.

Chickie's...peeping in to say hello.
Once again..... so adorable.

(sigh)*Pastel*eggs for my lil Easter baskets.

How fun it will be to have a few of these pasta bunnies hopping in my soup.

If you look a little closer.....inside the bowl are mini bunny candle holders.
in place of candles fill them with salt and pepper and set them next to each guests place setting.

(to view details please click on image)

Easter Bunny Baskets complete.
The inspiration for the bunnies necklace came from last years embellished chocolate Easter egg post.

(to view details please click on image)

I'd like to thank the Vancouver Washington World Market for letting me spotlight their store.

(to view details please click on image)

If you're ever in their neighborhood....hop on in.


Vlog fail take one.

Vlog fail take two.
Better luck next time.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fall Back.....Spring Forward

When I look out my window at this dreary day, it's hard to believe it will soon be overflowing with shades of pink, red, blue and purple.

Along with my love of roses..... my most favored flower are peonies. Sadly it's hit or miss whether or not the rain will wash the blooms away before I can enjoy them. So, on those rare sunny days I harvest as many as I can gather.

You can imagine the abundance of peony arrangements that overtake every nook and cranny of my home.

With bated breath I wait their arrival.

But, until then.....I hit my stash to find a few reminders of whats to come.

A glass door knob, faux flowers and a bit of lace is all I need.

Enhancing my (faux) flowers with a little spritz.
I have a collection of scented sprays.....rose, lavender or gardenia water.

A spring bouquet has bloomed!