Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Christmas wish for you.

After much thought I've decided to postpone my tutorial.  
Instead I wanted to  send a Christmas message of hope that  everyone  will be surrounded by love and encouragement  as we head into the New Year.  


Sunday, December 9, 2012


These are the Christmas treats I'll be making but, both marshmallow pops will be mounted on candy cane/sticks.   Let me know if you'd like me show you the how to's?

I know to most of my blogettes (that's you) think of me as a foodie enthusiast.  But I've also taught craft classes for several years.  I'm an avid DIYer.

I have a passion for creating  But, unfortunately I have a huge handicap.  I can't sew (on a sewing machine)!  Yup, I was the one and only student who never signed up for sewing in Home Economics. 
After the typing class  mishap, (where I was advised to leave after a week of chicken pecking), I didn't want to have a repeat episode. lack of sewing skills has made me the fastest glue gun in the Pacific Northwest!


Now with Christmas upon us...I thought it was time to heat up our glue guns for craftin'!

Here's my inspiration!!
A fluff  of

Here's what you'll need for our first tut.
One can of insulation foam 

White Caulk.
 We'll be making a Christmas gift/decoration and also a way to package those coffee shop &  drive-thru restaurant  gift cards.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

An apple a day

When Fall rolls around I know this means one of my seasonal favorites is here.
Honey Crisp apples!

I look forward to using them in a few new and old recipes.

This  inspirational photo paired with my honey crisps resulted in two types of piesWith my muffin tin I made single serving tarts similar to this photo and the other...

I used my (small) oval ramekins for a double serving size.
Well, in my husbands case...he considers it his generous single serve.

Each were topped with vanilla cream. 
I created this recipe in a pinch and now it's become the one most requested

Vanilla Cream

1 cup heavy whipping cream
1/2 cup (give or take to taste) Darigold /French-Vanilla-Creamer
(No substitutes. Darigold creamer is made with real cream)
1 teaspoon corn starch

In a saucepan combine all the ingredients.  Wisk until it thickens.  Strain into pitcher.   Lay plastic wrap directly on top of the vanilla cream sauce to avoid a skin from forming.
Can be served hot or cold.


Honey Crisp
Carmel Chocolate 
Apple Appetizer

These are the best of both worlds,
chocolate and caramel!
Who could ask for more.


Taking a melon baller cut balls out.  With the tip of a pairing knife carve out small holes for filling.
Place balls in a bowl or bag, sprinkle Fruit Fresh covering the entire surface of the balled apples.
Pat dry.  Fill with  layers of caramel and chocolate ganache.

These can be plated individually in festive petite cupcake liners

What are your Fall favorites?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Sara's Sweet Surprise "FERRIS WHEEL" Giveaway 2012.


Natalie's channel~


Fall~ cupcake liners, cookie cutters, leaves small and large, tags, cupcake cook book.

I've decided to extend the giveaway until October 31st

Friday, September 28, 2012


I've been away far too long.  But, I think you'll forgive me when I show you why.

I'm elated to introduce you to
my grandson.

I've only been a grandma for 3 months, but I feel like a pro already!

Atty sporting his "Newsboy" traveling cap.


is in the finally stages of progress (YEA).  The nursery has and will continue to serve as a guest bedroom.
 I wanted to somehow combine the two schemes together without clashing.  I've got an older home with very small bedrooms. Which calls for some  creative rearranging. It's always a fine line between minimal and cluttered.
I wanted the feel of a nursery with a neutral palette to match the existing decor.  So, I chose a combination of, houndstooth, gingham, check and velvet. In shades of Glacier and Sand. The children's toile print fit perfectly.

This picture frame will be a main focal point. It's a DIY project I've created that  can be utilized for several special. occasions
 I will give you a  video tour as soon as it's completed.

As we begin falling for fall,
I will be announcing...

  3 months of Holiday Giveaways!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thanks For The Memories

Some of you may recall me mentioning that I was a Regular on American Bandstand in the 197o's.
I would feel re-missed had I not shared a few memories of
Dick Clark who was a concement professional that treated us teens with the utmost of respect. He may have ran a tight ship, but he always made time to engage with us in between takes. He'd always make sure we were well cared for by his staff.

There's a specific occasion that always comes to mind.
One common fear amongst us teens was.....having an embarrassing moment on camera. Without immunity this fear came to fruition for me. As the cameras were rolling...I was dancing on the riser next to the podium where Dick Clark stood. Just as the camera panned over to me..... I tripped on a snag in the linoleum floor. I looked at my partner with a panic stricken face, feeling myself free falling to the ground, ( my heart was racing at the horrible thought filming might be halted over my fumble).
I tried desperately to catch myself in mid flight and by some miracle I was able
to maneuver my tumble into an awkward dance move, avoiding a direct face plant to the floor. The music ended and we faded into commercial. As I was trying to compose myself I (immediately) turned to Dick to apologize for my ungraceful moves. But before I could utter my apologies he began praising my rebound. Turning what could have been a traumatic experience for me into a non event.
In his true nature he showed
his genuine concerns for my well being.
His sincere compassion was the perfect remedy for my bruised confidence.

I feel homered to have had the privilege of dancing on American Bandstand but, more so for having this extraordinary experience with Dick Clark, who made those moments memorable.

Part II
The American Bandstand Journey

I was invited to be a Regular on Bandstand after my initial visit My dance partner and I were asked if we wanted to appear in a "spotlight dance." I was beyond nervous, because this is usually reserved for the regulars. So, with our stomachs in a nervous knot we proceeded with 4 other couples to the risers. Having mere seconds before the music was queued, we mapped out our routine. As Three Dog Night started to play we began to dance the *Bump*. Which was the current dance move, some of you may recall.
At the end of our performances the producer added our name to the list of regulars.
I'm in this intro clip, but it runs too quick to focus on me.
I originally had a video clip of me siting in the bleachers with Dick Clark, as he was introducing Abba. Unfortunately DC productions no longer allows American Bandstand videos on You tube.
I was thrilled when my hubby and children were able to see me on the televised AB reunions. They couldn't believe their eyes!
They got such a chuckle over watching the 18 year old me dancing.
We were not allowed flash photography on set.
But there were those rare occasions as guest were coming and going where we could sneak a candid shot.
Security was extremely tight.
Upon arriving to the studio gates we had to present security with our invite. The second security check point was at the stage entrance. That's where our hands were stamped under fluorescent light.
As time went on that didn't seem to keep teens from trying to sneak in. The studio later added a towering chain length fence around the entire entrance to the AB stage.

We taped around 6 shows once a month on a Saturday.
Dancing from 10am to 8pm with breaks in between for wardrobe changes along with hair and makeup touch ups. Outfits, hair and makeup for each show were our individual responsibility.
After several hours it became difficult to "keep smiling." So a little trick we'd use on occasion was to rub Vaseline on our front teeth. The feel of the sticky film when we'd relaxed our smiles was yucky enough to keep us smiling, which of course was the point of the application. Most times the incentive was just the mere thought of having to use the application that kept our smiles on.
Before air time the producer would carry or send a paper cup around the set for a last minute deposit from those of us who may have forgotten to get rid of our chewing gum. It's odd but true. No chewin' allowed on camera.

Joann Ardelle and Peaches (mentioned in the video) were two of the girls who danced when I was on the show. Yup, if the show was still on air Joann would still be dancing her "free style" dance.
Dancing on American Bandstand carried many of our careers into various venues. Some persuade acting rolls, landing permanent spots on Happy Days. I continued with my dancing passion as an instructor and choreographer.
Thank you for allowing me to share my journey with you.

Sweet Wishes,

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bun Fun!

Spring is in the air!
Which means Easter will soon be here.

This gave me the perfect opportunity to shop at one of my favorite stores.
Come along for the

I always make a beeline to the chocolate Bunnies first.

Catching my attention right off the bat was the cute collection of foiled bunnies.
Each large cello bag had a variety of bunnies and eggs.

Oooh the "CUBBIES!"
So many Sweet Surprises!

Who could resist these faces?
Not me.

I just had to have them.

Sunny Seeds, chocolate covered sunflower seeds.
Their versatility had me thinking they'd make a great addition to my tablescape.
I could also refill them with all kinds of goodies when the seeds were gobbled up.

I have to mention how much I loved the retro theme that was carried throughout the whole Easter collection.

I've always wanted to make these but....I was discouraged by the amount of work it would entail after watching Miss Martha attempt them.
Now, the work has been done for me.
There's no way my end result would have produced these beautiful colors.

These Solid chocolate Bunns were a must have for my Easter basket project.

Chickie's...peeping in to say hello.
Once again..... so adorable.

(sigh)*Pastel*eggs for my lil Easter baskets.

How fun it will be to have a few of these pasta bunnies hopping in my soup.

If you look a little closer.....inside the bowl are mini bunny candle holders.
in place of candles fill them with salt and pepper and set them next to each guests place setting.

(to view details please click on image)

Easter Bunny Baskets complete.
The inspiration for the bunnies necklace came from last years embellished chocolate Easter egg post.

(to view details please click on image)

I'd like to thank the Vancouver Washington World Market for letting me spotlight their store.

(to view details please click on image)

If you're ever in their neighborhood....hop on in.


Vlog fail take one.

Vlog fail take two.
Better luck next time.