Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mummy's Gone Batty!

As fall and Halloween quickly approaches, so does my excitement!
It's a huge event around my house, from the
 decorations to creating the treats.
I think Mummy's and Bats will surely set the mood with
goodies for all ages!
 Although our costumes have changed considerably,  
whenever I see this picture...

it brings back memories of.....pillowcases for our candy haul, walking with a group of friends for miles with a mask you couldn't see through.
As for those ventilated masks, by block two there was so much steam brewing underneath those masks it felt like a sauna.
They were eventually cast to the bottom of the pillowcase, left with a gooey candy coating by nights end.

One of our favorite family activities in my childhood and carries over to this day is, watching old scary classic movies.
Staring Vincent Price and Boris Karloff.  
They had us shivering in our boots!
What better treat to snack on while watching
The Mummy?
Well, Mummy's and Bats of course. 

Head~donut holes
 (preferably Entenmann's pumpkin pop em's)
       Body~ Twinkies or  rolled cake
pretzel sticks
white candy melts or
almond bark
 candy eyes


Follow package directions for melting the white candy melts. 
Skewer the white chocolate dipped pretzel stick into the donut hole.  Connect both head  and Twinkie body. Push dipped lollipop stick through the bottom center of the Twinkie, about half way.

Brush and coat the entire domed front, add candy eyes. 
I like working with
candy melts and or almond bark because it sets quickly.
Follow up with coating the flat back side.
**I always use small paint brushes that are strictly  for food purposes only**

Drizzle white chocolate melts in a criss cross motion covering the mummy forming his cloth wrappings. 
I use a plastic baggie as a pastry bag, by cutting a small slit on the bottom corner.

That's a wrap!

 Wherever there's a mummy in a cave....
a bat is sure to follow.

Head~donut holes
Wings~dark chocolate cookies
Fangs~candy bone sprinkles
 candy eyes 
Halloween themed paper straws 
or lollipop sticks
chocolate or black candy melts

Cut chocolate cookie in half and with the small point of a pairing knife notch out bat wing points.

Dip straw or lollipop stick into melted chocolate.
Poke straw or stick into the donut hole, continue with a 
 dunk of the entire donut.
Let excess drip off before placing on Silpat or parchment lined cookie sheet.

Place eyes and fangs on face.
I took a toothpick when the chocolate started to set and pulled peaks out to form the bats ears.

Make sure the wings are touching and brush the back of the bat head  generously with the melted chocolate.
Lay bat on top of wings, set aside to dry.

They're ready for the party!