Friday, February 26, 2010

Sometimes when it rains.....

it pours.

We have suffered a tremendous loss...
a dear friend and now a niece have passed away.
This month has been difficult.
I will be back next week.
Until then, please keep us in your thoughts.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's time to celebrate......

the first anniversary of Gollum's Foodie Friday.
According to the
gift table...paper is the traditional gift to give.

A paper couture ensemble could be the way to go.
Starting with a frock,
mini or.......

maxi with a grand statement.

You can never go wrong with the basic black and white.

These definitely have a slash of pizazz.

Shoes are a must.
Heels or......

a wedge is the question.

What goes best with a paper couture dress and shoes?
A paper necklace of course.
Balls or......

beads, would be the perfect finishing touch.

A Foodie Friday anniversary wouldn't be complete without a little foodie fun.

In keeping with the paper tradition, I found this box of Vera Bradley Stationary the inspiration for my edible stationary.

First I needed paper, which came in the form of Fillo sheets.

A few squares were cut with a pizza cutter and some were cut with pinking scissors.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find my variety pack of fancy edged scissors.
Ideally they would've been my first choice.

The Wilton Food Writers are great for small rubber stamps.

Make up sponges and (gel) food coloring covered more surface area.

The Fillo needs to be covered (at all times) with a damp towel to prevent from drying out.
Usually each sheet is brushed with melted butter, but I just sprayed a little vegetable oil before baking.

The baking time was a short 4 minutes at 325 degrees.
I left a few edges curled to produce an old scroll effect.
The tea dye color after baking reminded me of a vintage parchment.
I would like to try this with my French script stamps...a Parisian postcard of sorts.

Now that the stationary is complete with a special message,
it's time to create a dessert to

Bananas Foster with......

Disaronno, in place of the rum.
Paula Deen Bananas Foster-recipe
I added a little half & half to make it creamier,
I highly recommend it.


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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Let's have a "Conversation"......

about "HEARTS."

Has Valentine's Day got you in a quandary ?

Express your love with Conversation Heart petit fours.

Roll, cut and stamp.

I've put together
labeled boxes where I store my brushes, rubber stamps along with other supplies that are used solely for foodie fun.
The last thing you want is to see your (foodie) stamps and brushes filled with dried up paint or ink

Brush Pearl Dust across each word.

My Conversation Heart petit fours measured around two inches.
I must confess..... I did sample a couple, they were just too irresistible!

As for the wrapping......I'm going enlarge an image of the conversation heart box, then print it on card stock and
glue the print to the lid of the gift box.
If I'm feeling ambitious, I may cut the center of the heart to create a window.
m using mini cupcake liners for the petit fours,
but still deciding about packing them in the box with pastel tissue or with my latest addiction...crimped paper shreds.
Trimmed with either a pastel or Valentine themed ribbon.

click link for PDF
Conversation Heart Clipart
These could be used for cupcake toppers or a banner to decorate your mantel. The possibilities are endless. Let me know what you create with them.

Saucy Sprinkles Heart Charm-tutorial
Everyone loves jewelery.......pins, earrings, pendents.
Here's a sweet way to" charm" your Valentine.

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Let me make this " CRYSTAL" clear.

Is there something that you've held onto over the years that's precious to you?
Something that would be puzzling to anyone else who gazes at it, as to why?

For our honeymoon we toured the pacific coast . Each day we stayed at a different coastal town. At one of our stops we took a long awaited walk on the beach. Where I discovered for the first time, Sea Glass. The sun was quickly setting, and I gathered as many of these precious gems as I could. Only catching a few from the wet sand before the sun would set. I put them in my pocket for safe keeping.

When we arrived to our new home, I carefully put my Sea Glass Jewels along with the few shells that I had collected into a simple bottle with water. I have carried it to each home we've moved into. Where it sits, positioned just right, capturing the light from the morning sun reflecting a rainbow of colors. My wonderful keepsake always takes me back to that romantic stroll on the beach. As a "young" newlywed couple walked, shared and planned they're life together. That was 27 years ago, but feels like yesterday every time my eye catches a glance of my little bottle of sea glass.

Here are my priceless jewels.
May not be worth much to many, but priceless to me.

I think that's when I first developed a passion for collecting all types of crystal/glass.
Antique, modern, stemmed, monogrammed, you name I love it!
Do you see Lidy's french glasses peeking from the back row?
You'll see more of them come spring and summer.

Needless to say... when I have the option of sending a glass bottle to the recycling center for the melt down it revs my creative energy into high gear, starting with these unique bottles.
Look at the ornate hardware.

I found Christian Lacroix evian water bottles at Big Lots.
The raised white lace details are beautiful.
Thanks to The Queen of Style Gollum who clued us in on the amazing finds that Big lots carries.
I was able to find the bottles for a dollar compared to the fourteen on Ebay!
The flutes pictured above were another incredible find at the Lots.
Ready for this...$2.99 each!
Yup, They look identical to my cut crystal from Mikasa
Thank you Michael, I owe you one, two......

I pulled out my stash and went to work.

I found a variety of mini picture frames, this one was just over a dollar from Michaels.
It had a Valentine feel with just the right amount of sparkle .
There was a slight dilemma... it was connected to a key chain.
Something that a pair of handy wire cutters shortly remedy.

I hung a few charms on a chain creating a necklace for my lacy bottle.

The pouring spout was a find at the Dollar Tree, two to a pack. Fifty cents a piece, now that's a deal!
Once I got started..... many designs evolved.
One was made with a mini chalkboard and black chain from Home Depot, at 69 cents a foot it was more affordable than jewelry chain.
The links were a little larger on the HD chain, so it was easier attaching the jump rings and charms.

I also repurposed a rosary that added a vintage look.
Once you get started you'll be looking for all sizes and styles of bottles, the smaller are ideal for liquid soaps or vinaigrette's.
I was a little concerned the frame might bang against the bottle when it was handled
I secured the back of the frame to the glass with a Velcro dot.

My battery conked out, so I couldn't get a good shot of my completed bottles.
I hope you can get the the idea from these fuzzy pics.

I can swap the tag out to match my elixir de jour.