Wednesday, March 11, 2015

No blarney...but a pot of St. Patty's gold!

When I think of St. Patrick's day, it reminds me of my childhood.  Searching through my wardrobe high and low for just the perfect green ensemble. one, wanted that fate of being pinched until they
  turned green!
There weren't too many St. Patty treats that caught my attention in my youth except for... gold foiled chocolate coins and those cute muslin bags of gold nugget bubble gum.  

They're the inspiration for my pots of gold.  

Here's what you'll need~
Dark Chocolate Candy Bar or Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips
Chocolate Gold Foiled Coins 
Black or Grape Licorice
Caramels or Tootsie Rolls 
 Smarties or Sweet Tarts  (candies) 
 Duff's gold spray food coloring
(for tinting Smarties &Sweet Tarts)

Cookie sticks (optional)
 Green Straws
 (to cover sticks optional)

Take 4 caramels per apple and microwave for approximately 4-5 seconds or until slightly soften.
Roll and shape the caramel into a rope.  
Melt dark chocolate with 1-2 T. of shortening.
You want the chocolate to have a thin
 (almost liquid) consistency.
 Dip just the top of your apple into the chocolate, place the caramel rope directly on top forming a ring.  This will adhere the two together.  Forming your pot rim.
Set in fridge to firm up.
If you're adding a stick dip it into the chocolate before poking it into the apple,  it will act as the glue. 
Dip the whole apple into the chocolate allowing  the excess to drip off.
Place on a parchment sheet and put back into the fridge to set up again.

A licorice rope  can be used as a handle on your pot of gold. 
 (adhere with toothpicks).

Take a pastry brush and coat the top of the pot with chocolate and drop your gold foiled coins, (yellow) Choco Rocks, bubble gum gold nuggets.
I added a lil' tag suggesting my friends to  remove the bubble gum nuggets and foiled chocolate coins before they indulged.

It only took one brand new computer

 one brand new camera!!!
But, I'm back!!