Thursday, December 31, 2009

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Sunday, December 27, 2009


and petite

New Years treats.

Mini Chocolate Dipped Apples

These appetizers are the perfect bite size indulgence.
I chose a peppermint candy topping, but
toffee bits, nuts, or (finely chopped) candied fruits are also a nice compliment to these little apples.
I found they need to be made up the day of the party for optimum freshness.

The mini apple form is cut out with a melon baller.
I prefer to use Ever Fresh to preserve the apples, in place of lemon water.
Whichever you use... give them a good pat dry before their dive into the chocolate bath.

To attach the candy cane drill a hole three quarters of the way down with the cane tip.
Dip the cane (end) into the chocolate, then back into the hole the chocolate will bind them together. I did a quick set in the freezer (I'm too impatient to wait for the apples to set in fridge).
When the canes are set it's time for the second (or double) dip for the entire apple.
Sprinkle the topping pieces of choice around the top or bottom of the apple.
Cool set (again).

Serve in a festive mini cup cake liner or cup....
(a P√Ętisserie liner or Bon G√Ęteauun Cadeau Doux cup).

I added a generous layer of sugar crystals to the serving platter to represent snow then placed the chocolate apples in the cups/liners on the platter of faux snow.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to snap a shot before they were snatched up.
These french script petite liners and cups are sold out, but will be back in my shop soon.
(The English translation for the liner is....Pastry and Good Cake Sweet Gift for the cup).

Pot Du Creme

I have to say this was the most fun I've had creating a new recipe for my petite pots.
It entailed tasting vast amounts of chocolate and cream... I did share the honor of taste testing with Paul.
Here's the base recipe for Sara's Pot Du Creme

1 cup- milk chocolate: bar, chunks or chips (no imitation)
1/4 cup- heavy whipping cream
Combine Ingredients
on the stove top at low heat then stir together chocolate and cream just until smooth.
( Keeping the melted chocolate at a cooler temp will allow you to add the whipped cream without deflating).

In A Separate Bowl
whip up 1 cup of heavy whipping cream.

Fold Together
by heaping spoonfuls the whipped cream to your melted chocolate.

Pipe or spoon into your Pots.
a minimum of 60 mins
This can be made well in advance.

Flavored Whip Cream
I place a demitasse or jigger of the whipped cream next to each Pot Du Chocolate Creme.
The whipped cream is prepared with bourbon vanilla and powder sugar to taste.

A variation to this recipe is...
1/2 cup Semi or dark chocolate
1/2 cup milk chocolate
adding instant or brewed espresso to the chocolate base and or to the whipped cream will enhance the chocolate flavor.
This can also be adapted for a low carb recipe by substituting the chocolate with a sugar free chocolate bar(measuring 1 cup).

A Teeny- Tini

Rim your glass with a wish in white chocolate.
This a creative tip is from the very talented Miss Saucy.
She is the queen of cupcake cuisine.
This is wonderful tip for any seasonal beverage.

I would like to add a special note of appreciation to thank you for showing your concerns for my absence and the well wishes for my kitty girl, Angel. Her vet thinks the chronic limp in her left leg is due to arthritis. Her lab results were favorable, but when the doctor was shaving her leg to draw her blood she discovered an abnormal sore. By it's appearance it has the signs of melanoma. We're still not sure at this point, but we have a close eye on it for any sudden changes. She's been in my life for 14 years and has been my comfort through a multitude of life's events, including my own daily health struggles. So, my concentration has been a little distracted with her.
This is a start of a new year with renewed hope for the future. " I look forward to playing with my new camera and upgraded laptop, (which both had taken a noise dive). I hope to continue to share Sweet Surprise's with you!!"
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