Sunday, January 22, 2012

No pain in Pain au Chocolat

There are two irresistible temptations that I just can't refuse.

Hot baked bread is the first and

to no surprise chocolate is the second.

But when you combine these two taste sensations together...... it's a taste bud explosion that calls my name.
Which I eagerly comply without hesitation.

Pain au Chocolat
(French pronunciation
Chocolate Bread
(English translation)

I created a shortcut to achieving this chocolate delight.
So, here is my easy recipe that will be a delightful treat for anyone's special

What you'll need is a can (any size), labeled removed, washed/dried and generously greased.

Rhodes frozen Texas rolls.
One package of your favorite chocolate chips.

Here's the method:
Defrost rolls just until thawed, but not rising.
Layer dough balls in the bottom of the can alternating with a layer of chocolate chips, repeating until you've reached half way from the top. This will allow room for the dough to rise to the top without spilling over.
Cover and set aside to rise, then pop in the oven bake until golden brown.
The smell is intoxicating.

To enhance the flavor try a drizzle of Nutella
over the chips or across the top when the bread is cool

Now it's time to decorate.

A print of french love letters made for a festive bread wrap. I made up a few styles of tags. This tag has the (dictionary) definition of love with a #14 Happy Valentines Day medallion.
Compliments of my friend Catherine at
Sugar Baby .
Her shop is filled with beauty and charm...just like her.

I used a variegated red and cream colored cotton twine ( from my shop) it is much thicker than traditional bakers twine.
Which worked out ideally for this bread.

The second version is a vintage hang tag that completes this Valentine.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gettin' hearts a pumpin' for Valentine's Day!

I do realize for many of us Christmas remnants are still floating around so.... the idea of Valentines Day is not on the horizon. But, my new years resolution is to focus on getting my ideas for gifts or DIY projects to you well in advance. Which in the past I've had many to share that were left to the last minute or more often not posted at all. With that thought....I wanted to share a particular after Christmas sale that will give a jump start to Valentines Day.



Bath & Body Works is having a phenomenal after Christmas sale on their candles (in store and online). Although that may not be news to most. Have you given thought to them as a gift for Valentine's day? I for one am looking away from sugary sweets. I'm leaning towards alternatives for myself and those I know who have diet restrictions or have made a weight lost resolution.

One of the things I miss when trying to cut down on baking or indulging in sweets is......the aroma. There's nothing like the warm scent of something baking in the oven.

A gift of a sweet scented candle, body lotion or perfume could be a nice change.....
I would surely appreciate a guilt free indulgence right about now.