Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hats off to

Or in this case.....tipping snowmen hats to fill with a sweet surprise.


These little snowman came to mind while I was constructing last months   
Thanksgiving pumpkin favors.
Once again the seasonal napkins were my first thought for a snowman favor, then I found an array of cute Christmas themed tissue paper.
I don't see why you couldn't use leftover Christmas wrap as well.

List of supplies: glue gun/sticks
tissue paper or gift wrap  or napkins
Styrofoam balls 
party nut cups
 puff paint
candy canes
white paint 
candy for filling

Prep snowman with one generous coat of white paint. 
*A toothpick enables you to hold and paint the entire ball.

Drill a hole into the base of the styrofoam ball with a pair of (closed) pointed scissor.  This opening will help prevent the (wrapped) candy cane from breaking when it's inserted.
*A piece of double stick tape wrapped around the cane helps secure it inside the head.

Cut a 9inch circle from the paper.
Lay filled candy cup in the center, gather and tie the hat with a bow.

Glue head and hat together.    
  Until the polyfill is attached the hat will seem large .
Take a strip of polyfill, wrap and glue around the base of the hat.  

Paint his face.

*I used a dotting tool with the puff paint,  a toothpick works too.
With a Q-tip add a smidge of blush to his cheeks.
Yup actual blush from your makeup bag.

Tie wired ribbon around the candy cane to create the effect of a wind blown scarf. 


Rudolph The Red Nose

 These little Rudolph's were made with.... mini candy canes for the antlers, peppermint candies for the face/head, red hot  candies for the nose and a toothpick dot of melted chocolate for the eyes.
Candy melts were used to glue everything together including the lolli stick.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!
See you in the New Year!


Michelle said...

Happy New Year Sarah! I'm back....I've missed blogging so much. My life has finally slowed down (after no longer working two jobs.) Hope you have been well! Michelle and 5 kitties now. :-\

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I have no idea how I missed this, but it is PRECIOUS!

You NEVER cease to amaze me, Sara.

I just did a post with the Ferris wheel and my Christmas ornies in the cups.

I appreciate it and YOU and the other goodies SO much.