Friday, July 9, 2010

It's official...

(well, as much as it can be in the Pacific Northwest) SUMMER has landed primarily on the weekends, but we'll take any sunshine that's willing to make the trek from Florida,
cause face it Justine at....Stupid Is As Sister Does has it all.
She's has expressed how her (cute) face is melting in the Florida sun , so I think
she'd be more than happy to share.
While most were running their air conditioners this month,
we had been running our heaters!

The fountain is filled and

the water is flowing.


There are many on line recipes for making candied citrus slices or peels.
Butter Yum
has the most beautifully illustrated detailed instructions.

I pour granulated sugar over the candied peels it keeps them crisp and
it leaves a sparkly coating.
You'll find yourself frequently reaching for these candied gems.
For topping your ice cream, cupcakes, drinks or for a treat to nibble on.

Candied Slices of...Orange, lemon and lime.

The simple syrup that's left behind from making your candied citrus can be used to sweeten any summer drink.

You know I couldn't leave you without a
*Sweet Surprise.*

How about Citrus Lollipop
While the tea is steeping we're going to get cookin.'

I used a lollipop recipe to create the citrus swizzles.
After the syrup reached the hard cracked stage, the zest from a whole lemon, lime and orange were added.
The zest replaces the need for any extract, the oils in the rind will provide a wonderful citrus flavor .
Bamboo skewers made perfect lolli sticks.
You'll see why in the finale.

*Important note*
I learned quickly...this is a slow and steady process,
a" low " boil will produce a clear candy.

If you let the candy syrup set for a few seconds the air bubbles will calm down.
I prefer the fizzy effect of the air bubbles, so I didn't wait to form my lollis.

I left the food coloring out so you could see the fine details of the zest.
Pretty sweet, don't you think?

Top off your Lollipops with fresh fruit
bump it up a notch for your guest , add a little frill to the end of your lolli for a little dazzle.

I spun a sugary cage for my fresh raspberry sorbet.

We've come to a close from our very busy bed & breakfast style of entertaining that began in May.
It was wonderful having family and friends take time from their busy lives to visit a spell with us.
I decided to re-post this, because there were so many of you who missed the first publishing who wanted the instructions.


Lisa said...

Oh Sara! I have GOT to make some of the candied lemon peels. they look so yummy.:)

Chatty Crone said...

I want some of that sun tea with those beautiful yellow lemons. YUMMY!!!!!!


Kristina P. said...

Yay for yummy citrus!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Sara, this is as cute as can be! Loved the lollipop swizzles, and the tablescapes to go with them. You just do it right!

I would love to send some warmth your way. It's in the 90's today, and we are roasting. Tomorrow, it's supposed to go back in the 80's where summer belongs!


Sheila :-)

Sue said...

Sara, those candied peels would make anything look and taste extra special! How fun and classy, too. Thanks for the link. I need to have a little soiree so I can show them off. LOL Love the lollipops!
:-) Sue

Shelia said...

Hi Sara! Oh, you're the smartest one! I love these little canided peels! Your photos are very pretty too!
The lollipops are adorable.
Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

bj said...

Those swizzles are the cutest things..and the candied lemon peels look delicious.

With the rains we've had this last week, it has been cooler here in West Texas but sooo humid.

Loved your post are so cute!!:)

Wendy said...

These look so good! They would be a perfect match for this crazy weather we are having in Pa (hit 100 this week)!!
They looks so sweet and refreshing!

Sares said...

Everything looks so yummy. Especially the sun tea! Have a wonderful weekend, thank goodness heat relief is in sight today!

wendy said...

Awesome as always. You make everything you do seem like a "fantasy of fun".
Those drinks looks so refreshing and the candy over the sorbet..WOW

Lori said...

Oh those sugar cages over raspberries!!!! Sara, I've had several requests for the pink cupcake recipe, I'll try to hurt it down some more, I can't remember where it came from!! Lori

Maria said...

Hi Sara! I enjoy all the citrus flavors! The rind is the best part... except for oranges... If someone peels an orange...everyone suddenly wants an orange!

Your fountain is beautiful! Ours is similar only smaller...and right now only half is up... The steel rod part that goes up through the middle broke last week and it's a pain to fix...
I have some of it filled for our feathered friends...
And, yes they do "talk to us" don't then!?!
I just adore them... they keep my life simple and sweet.
Hope you're having a lovely weekend ~ Maria

The Stylish House said...

I want to thank you for posting my daughter Heather's photo and link to her story. This was my first visit here and I already ADORE your blog!!! It's wonderful, charming and I love it! It's a treat running across treasures like this.
Hugs, Cathy

Rosie said...

oh I love the ZIP of lemon any time will be sure to give this a try...Smile on Rosie

Betzie said...

Great post as always Sara! Yummy and so refreshing in every sense of the word! Just wish I could reach into the photo and grab one of your delightful creations!!!
Enjoy your summer and stay cool!!!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Sarah, You are so industrious! Just look at all of this beautiful food you've made. Love the lollipops and what a great idea to use them as swizzles for your tea. That "cage" you made is exquisite. laurie

Marie Antionette said...

Hello sweet sweet Sara,
What a delightful post.I always love the beautiful treats you create.I think you are so right... I would leave the air bubbles, They are so kool.The fruit slices are so yummy looking.Its so hard to make candies down here. The humidity is terrible.
My hubby would not even think to blog, but he does surf the net looking at everything he can...LOL.Some things not so good.But he is a work alholic(excuse spell). The bad thing about that is when he retired,he works outside alot and wants me right beside him.That gives me no time to blog or create.
But you have to stop and think that he has worked very hard and deserves to do what he wants.
I want to thank you for stoping by with your lovely comments.They cheered me up so much.
Please have a wonderful summer,and keep cool.
XXOO Marie Antionette

Marydon said...

Sara, where were you when I needed you last week!!! This is marvelous & I will be doing these things ... love the swizzle 'sticks'. Fabulous presentation for us to follow along with.

Have a lovely week!
TTFN ~ Marydon

Mary said...

What a lovely post. The swizzle sticks are priceless and I hope to be able to make them soon. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

~Carrie from Cottage Cozy~ said...

What a wonderful post, Sara. You have sure been busy with your creativity in the kitchen flowing! Isn't the weather great! A little change today...but 80's for the rest of the week...heaven! I am heading for Lincoln City today for a few days...It was so nice to hear from you. Thanks so much for all the nice thoughts!

Hugs, Carrie

Joyce said...

Sara thanks for commenting on my gator post and I am glad you laughed. I was not exactly laughing when I saw that gator outside. I love your post and those citrus pops look adorable. Almost too good to eat but I am sure I could eat a few dozen. Now don't go growing any watermelons in your stomach any time soon:-)

Tanza said...

Hi Sara,
Ooohhh how I love when you visit !! Such a JoY you are !! You always have the yummiest yummys' to share !! It makes my mouth water everytime !!
I'm soo sorry you are missing the girly beach week-end !! I'm sure you will be talked alot of, and missed !! Aren't friends the BeSt !! Hoping all is well with you and yours, and you are enjoying every bit of sunshine when it dances around ~
BiG HuGs ~TeA~ xo

Melissa Miller said...

Wow! Sara I adore the water fountain! Oh you have done a fabulous job on achieving the warm Tuscan look. It's just so dreamy and gorgeous looking. I know you enjoy it very much during this summer season. An amazing yard!

I also wanted to say thank you very much!!!! For your kind words on my weight loss that you left me today. I smiled so wide reading your sweet comment. You're the best my friend and I know you can achieve it as well. I'm with you all the way! I really do hope you enjoy riding the new bike you bought.

Have a wonderfully blessed week.
Warmly, ~Melissa :)

PS The candied lemons sound truly delicious. Mmmmm....:) Everything looks beautiful!

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Sara! I'm so glad you stopped by and entered my giveaway. I can see I really need some time in blogland, just look at all the great things I've been missing here at you blog. All that yummy citrus candy and syrup look so good. Can I come spend a month at your house and be spoiled? Ha-ha. Were is it you live by the way with all that cool weather - Seattle perhaps? Last week was horrid here in Florida but yesterday was very nice. I'm more than happy to share some of the warmth with you. Sorry about writing a book. Wish I had more time to spend here but I'll be back.
Hugs...Tracy :)

Jennifer Juniper said...

I love all the special touches you think of! Those lemons look fantastic!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

All this made my mouth water, with all the yummy lemon things!!


Diann @ the Thrifty Groove said...

Love this whole post! so much fun summer goodness! It was fun to visit with you!!

Jacqueline said...

Thanks for your wonderful visit. You have a lovely blog and these lollipops are just about the funnest idea. I love them in a drink, but I think they would be really fun just to suck on when you reach the surprise in the center. So nice to make a new friend!

koralee said...

Yummmm...candied peels..delightful!
Yes..I can relate to the weather..but lately the sun has been shinning and I am enjoying every minute of it up here in Vancouver BC!
Thank you for sharing such Joy today..I just may have to make some of these lovely treats xoxo

Lydia said...

Sara, these are just amazing!

Anonymous said...

Sara thank you so much for your vote for my pretty arbor on DIY club ! So excited about this!!

We are still having some hot days here! Has it warmed up for you yet?
I won't complain as the snow will be arriving soon enough here in CO!

bee blessed

ButterYum said...

Hi Sara - what a sweet surprise it was for me to find a link to my blog on your blog. Thank you for your kind words - I loved making the candied lemon slices. I must do orange and lime next time. Fabulous lollis too! I really like the bubbly ones - they remind me of seed glass.