Monday, March 15, 2010

We all scream.......

for ice cream!
Whether you call it Neapolitan or....


Mmmm, looks good enough to eat

This Neapolitan exfoliating scrub is made with creamy shealoe butter, yummy scented fragrance oils, and super fine dendritic salt, sea salt or sugar. You can make this scrub in one solid color, or layer multiple colors for super cuteness! This recipe could be varied easily to create all kinds of delicious ice cream parlor inspired creations, like Orange Cream, Banana Split, or Mint Chocolate. Switch out the fragrance and the food color to create your own unique Ice Cream Scrub.

Neapolitan ice cream scrub

Ingredients (click links)
6 ounces Shealoe Butter (
1 1/2 cups Dendritic Salt (substitute with ultra fine sea salt or sugar)
1/2 teaspoon Milk Chocolate Fragrance Oil
1/2 teaspoon Strawberry Fragrance Oil
1/2 teaspoon Vanilla Non-Browning Fragrance Oil
food coloring- Brown & Red

In a large mixing bowl combine the shealoe butter and salt or sugar. Shealoe is naturally soft, so you should be able to mix this without heating the butter. However, if it is necessary, you can heat the butter gently by warming the container in hot water. (Be careful not to let the water get inside the container though.) After the butter and Salt or sugar are fully mixed, split the mixture into three parts in three separate mixing bowls. Add one Fragrance Oil to each bowl, thoroughly mixing each into the mixture. Next, slowly add the brown food coloring to the milk chocolate scented batch of salt/sugar, combined small amounts of food coloring until it resemble milk chocolate ice cream. Repeat with the red food coloring adding it to the Strawberry scented batch of salt or sugar next. Leave the Vanilla scented batch uncolored. Once the batches are fully mixed they are ready to be scooped or spooned into containers .

This fine grained scrub makes a great body polish, but should not be used on the face. The Neapolitan ice cream scrub looks adorable packaged in a sundae parfait glass. Like most handmade skin care products, this scrub should be used up quickly, as it has not been formulated for long term storage.

A Dolly Mixx icecream sundae necklace would make a sweet hang tag.
Dolly has the most charming (online) shop. You'll enjoy taking a peek at her confections.

Neapolitan Pie

Grammys soap bakery has the most delightful selection of pie flavors:banana cream, Georgia peach, Oreo, just to name a few. You'll have to take a double take when you see how delicious they look.
I'm always looking for low cal gift options...these scrumptious slice of pie soaps are perfect.

A Sundae on any day.....

is a cool treat.

Imagine an ice cream parlor themed party with these sundaes as your favors.

Parfait Glass chocolate truffles or bon bons
Meringue drop cookies
Candy cane or stick
Chocolate syrup

Nuts and or Sprinkles, Maraschino cherries

Straw- Place the candy cane (crook down)
Ice cream- Layer chocolate truffles in glass 3/4 full
Whip Topping- Meringue drop cookies
Toppings- nuts, sprinkles and a cherry on top


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Too cute! I do love that color combination so much--always makes me think of a cone!

Cora said...

So cute and yummy looking....
I bet that scrub is fantastic on the skin!! Thanks for sharing.

Kristina P. said...

Yum! I love neoplitan!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Years ago, I remember I had a candle that looked like this ice cream in a dish {I think I got it at Spencer Gifts, which I believe is still around in malls}! I haven't thought of that in years!

The French Bear said...

Sara, I popped over to say a big thank you and tell you I am so touched by your thoughtful comments and warm heart!!!!
I really appreciate your friendship!
Love the fantastic ice cream photos.... and the not ice cream ones!!!! Yummo!
Margaret B

Sares said...

This does look good enough to eat! What a very creative idea. I wonder how it actually works on your skin? Bet it smells yummy too!

Justine said...

Oh man, the body scrub looks good enough to eat, that's for sure!!!!

Justine :o )

Karen June Miller said...

Love this post! My hubby just pulled up and it's not too late to send him for ice cream! Hee hee...

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Stop by my blog to enter my Harney and Son’s “Irish Breakfast Tea” Giveaway. Just post a comment.

Best Blessings, KJ

The Muse said...

ms Sara :)
my evening has come to the perfect i found your delightful comments on my blog :)
joyous to know that time...and the blessings of heaven has comforted your spirit!

so happy to see your current bright and cheerful post!!

(sincerely so!!!)

LuLu Kellogg said...

All this looks so YUMMY! I always at the strawberry part first when I was little :)

So glad you popped by for a visit!


Jean Tuthill said...

It all looks so good--good enough to eat!

wendy said...

I am happy to see you on line again. Hope you are feeling better now.
Those things are incredible....truly, look like you can eat it.
I am NO good at making stuff like that...but I sure like it.

Cottage Cozy said...

I am having a "Blue Monday" Giveaway...come by and take a peek.

Have a terrific week!

Stay Cozy, Carrie

Lori said...

What a cute post! Now how did you find the spinning cone?? I make a layer cake of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate that is adorable! Take care,Lori

Jacqueline said...

The names of the ice cream treats just about put you over the edge all by themselves. Your blog is a delightful place. Thanks for coming and leaving your comments...I'll be back to you!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Sarah, thank you for stopping by my blog because I now have found you. Your bogs is spectacular! I am following!
The Neapolitan body scrub is a fabulous idea! You had me foolded at first. It looks so much like ice cream!
Great minds think alike. I had just put on my "Ideas for posts" to make a body scrub.
What a beautiful gift this would make. I am having a bridal shower and wouldn't these make the pretttiest favors?
So glad to meet you and see all your lovely and inspiring posts.
I'll be a regular visitor!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Wow! Thought that all the ice cream was real, until read the post. :-) Looks yummy. I will bookmark you site and come back when have time to really look around.
Thanks for stopping by and reading along. Hope I don't get to boring for you.
Enjoy your weekend.

bunny, The Paris House said...

Hi, you had me fooled, what a great idea!! Your blog is wonderful and so creative, I love it. Thanks for visiting me and now I am happy to have found your blog.
Hope you have a great weekend

Liz said...

I really thought that was real ice cream until I continued to read on.
Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment!

~CC Catherine said...

Sweet Sara, what a cute post! I love anything remotely close to IceCream. I've missed visiting your lovely and uplifting blog! Ciao for now... ~CC Catherine

Nishant said...

So cute and yummy looking....
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Anonymous said...

you left me a comment-thank you !!-and now I am here all like ALICE in wonderland!

I will surely drop by again!

cheers fron Berlin
Wesna aka MONPTI

Melissa Miller said...

Sara you are the sweetest lady in blog land! Thank you very much for being such a good friend from the beginning. I really appreciate it and your recent comment really made me smile wide.

I am very sorry for your recent losses. I didn't realize that had happened and my heart is truly aching for you. You are in my prayers.

Many blessings to you and yours.
~Warmly, ~Melissa