Friday, October 31, 2008


It's Halloween with Goodie bags to fill and costumes to press. Pumpkins will be lit for our ghostly guests. Witches and goblins will make their way to my door for their delicious reward.

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I was walking in the garden
when I heard a funny sound.
I ducked behind the bushes
to take a look around.
There standing in the marigolds,
glancing here and there, with
magic dust on her robes
and long black hair, swirling all around
and drifting in the breeze, stood a little witch
as small as small could be.
She gathered blossoms from the pansies
and from the roses too, lots and lots of morning glories
with which to make a stew. She stirred the little pot
with the help of bumble bees.
She turned her head and gave
a smile to me. "I am very, very
busy, so busy, can't you see? I have
to make the candy corn, witches punch
and fairy tea. Then decorate the trees,
the meadow and the hall. It's
Halloween you know, time for
the Witches Ball!
The author, my sweet neighbor.
Jody Leightner



Kitty Scraps said...

OHMYGOSH, I LOVE it, I had to call the kids in to see that witches hat kitty picture! OMGosh, how cute, I'm laughing out loud and the kids all say that kitty looks like our Sissy-kitty. Now I have to try to get a picture of her with a witches hat on. Too too funny! Thanks for the huge chuckle *smiles* Simply GREAT picture!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

wow!!! look at those goodies...i sooooo wish we did Halloween here in Oz looks so much fun!

The Berry's Patch said...

I love it when the kids get playdough in their tricker treat bags. Your cat looks so cute with her witches hat and the little poem was also cute. Hope you had a Happy Halloween. :-)

Judy said...

I love your kitty!! What an adorable picture. I couldn't get mine to sit still long enough. I tried putting red bows around them for Christmas picture...not a good idea!!!

Scintilla said...

When my young son saw the cat in hat pic, he burst into giggles. So did I, it was so unexpected!

Screaming Meme said...

You are soooo fun!!!!