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Monday, October 28, 2019

Dipping Bones

Breadstick Bones
Here's an easy and fun Halloween dipping bread bone,
that's versatile.
It can either be a sweet or savory treat.
Savory Method:

1 (11 oz.) package refrigerated soft bread sticks.
Working with one piece at a time, stretch each strand
 to  approximately a 5-6 inch length.

Tie a knot at each end forming the bone shape.
Roll in grated Parmesan cheese until evenly coated
on all sides.

Bake as instructed on package, until lightly golden brown.

Serve with any desired cheese dip. shortcut recipe calls for an extra cup of grated Mexican cheese  added to one jar of  Tostito's Queso con salsa.  

Image result for tostitos queso con salsa

Heat together until creamy.
 Pour into a cauldron and serve. 

An additional savory option is a marinara dip. No doubt your culinary creativity will inspire many dipping varieties.  

Sweet (to no surprise) is my favorite dip.
There are many decadent dips to choose from.

Sweet Method:
The bones are made basically the same, excluding the Parmesan cheese. 
Rather than adding the cinnamon and sugar before baking,
I prefer basting the hot out of the oven bread bones with melted butter.
Followed with a dusting of cinnamon and sugar or confectioners  sugar.
The sugar will adhere to the melted butter.  
My go-to highly requested is my chocolate ganache dip.
The simple but effective secret is combing both semi sweet and milk chocolate morsels with 3-4Tbls. of heavy whipping cream.
Simmered slowly it's rich and creamy.
Also any fruit jam will make a quick and easy dip.
The sky is the limit.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

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Monday, October 29, 2018

Fall into Halloween

When Fall began to make it's  colorful  appearances, it brought about an anticipation for... sweaters, apple cider, pumpkins and the scent of  wood burning in the fireplace.  
  Fall decorating was on deck. 

Hubby planted our pumpkin patch during the summer to insure our crop would be ready in time for our October harvest.

(click on video to view on a larger screen)

Slowly and patiently  the pumpkins were redirected by wheel barrel to the front porch and 


Working their way down from the front stoop.

It's quite the workout but,
I think Hubby likes to see the lineup gradually form and cascade down the pathway.

This year the back and front yards had a planting of,
 orange and yellow Marigolds.
The most beautiful shades of autumnal colors!
How he times everything to make their debut

 just when he wants, is magical!

 Mother nature adds her final touches as well,
blending in perfect harmony.

Fall is also the time of year we anticipate...HALLOWEEN!
It's been a traditional event we've participated in for years.
As you've seen in previous's a fun filled evening!

With the length of time it takes to gather all the Halloween treats, it may at times delay  preparations for home baked goodies. That's when I appreciate the inspiration that Pinterest offers for last minute treats.

I discovered two perfect DIY's that were easy-peasy! 
With just the add of a simple cello bag, ribbon and a Halloween tag, treats were all wrapped up and ready for delivery.

DIY #1.

Milanos Mummy's

Easy Mummy Milanos - a super quick and fun Halloween treat

DIY #2

Peanut Butter Mummy

Image result for peanut butter granola bars

Although Yummiest Food recipe calls for a home baked cookie, I changed it up with store bought peanut butter granola bars.
This worked out fabulously!

Related image

I also added these cute googly eyes.

The vintage Remix


                                  is my go-to shop for retro tags.
                                    Halloween circa 2008

Related image

          From Sara's Sweet Surprise, 
I'm wishing everyone a Purr-fect Halloween!